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Ki’ communications is a brand name of KI’ projects

Ki’ communications

Ki’ communications has been creating (networking) events in and around Facilities Management for over 15 years. It offers an end-to-end marketing service and helps with your business development and market exploration.


Own events

High-quality networking events with an excellent reputation (Facility Nights, conferences, cycling tour etc.).


Events organised on behalf of third parties

If you want to put on an event for facility managers, real estate managers, staff, clients etc., Ki’ communications can organise it for you, drawing not only on its many years of experience but also its superb database. Events can be organised within the Benelux countries, the rest of Europe and in the Middle East.



Ki’ communications can devise and implement your marketing strategy.


Facility Trips

If you would like to take clients, business contacts or staff to visit a city or region with an emphasis on facilities, Ki’ communications can organise this for you from start to finish. Past trips include to Rome, Amsterdam, Geneva, Munich, Berlin, Lisbon, Helsinki, Athens, Bilbao, Dubai and Abu Dhabi among others.


Business Development in the Benelux countries and the Middle East

If you are interested in raising the profile of your business in a Benelux country – or maybe you are even looking further afield to countries such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and Qatar – then Ki’ communications can draw on its market knowledge and network of contacts to help you on your way.